Audio of Idina as Evil!Elsa from the deleted scene

See I think Idina’s voice does work well for the villains, and I can see why they were going in that direction at first, but I gotta say she does misunderstood characters even better. So I’m so happy they went in that direction for Elsa all around.

I agree- this is pretty badass (and would make killer fanfiction!) but they way they actually went with Elsa, a misunderstood, tortured soul, was much better.



Gift for the one year anniversary lottery for Lovingthestrange, who wanted Hiccup and Jack laughing together with Toothless nearby.
Here have a tickle fight bothering a poor dragon who would like to sleep in peace. 8D

I wanted to bring your attention on the fact that the third winner, the sweetest slytherin, as yet to ask for what she wants. :)